I recently quilted this gorgeous Pixie Medallion quilt for Sharon of Color Girl Quilts.  I had some fun custom quilting it for her.  Here are a couple pics of this finished beauty.
Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have found my new website okay.  Happy Quilting!



04/20/2017 9:19am

Looks great Teresa!

04/29/2017 12:06am

Great post! I've always wanted to try quilting as a child. My grandmother used to make her grandchildren quilted blankies which came in handy during the cold season. I sure hope you can help us newbies how to get started with quilting. What are the essentials and where can we buy them? I want to try doing a round one with a mandala design for my new apartment. I'm planning to make it a gypsy-themed space.

Teresa Silva
04/20/2017 12:41pm

Thank you Karen!

Carole S
04/24/2017 4:42pm

Found you!! Hope there will be a way to subscribe soon. I follow you on instagram. Love your quilts and quilting!

04/28/2017 4:37pm

Nice Post !! I like it, it also comprises a lot of useful facts. thanks to share your experience.


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